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  • Little Blossom Montessori

    Montessori daycare, preschool and kindergarten serving Naperville and Aurora, Illinois.
    • Montessori Programs

      We provide robust, challenging and individually-focused programs for children ages 6 weeks to six years old.

    • Flexible Sessions

      We offer half, extended and full-day programs for infants, toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarteners.

    • Accreditation

      We’re a full member of the American Montessori Society and licensed by Illinois DCFS and State Board of Education.

    • Admission

      We are currently enrolling! Schedule a visit to tour the school or learn more about our Montessori programs.

  • Our philosophy is children learn best through structured activities, hands-on experiences and play in a nurturing and safe environment.

    • Montessori Curriculum

      We provide challenging, individually-focused education and social development programs designed to promote discovery and self-confidence.

    • Flexible Sessions

      Full, extended and half-day sessions and summer camp to provide your child with year-round learning and childcare options.

    • Stimulating Creativity

      Our mission is to provide both creative and stimulating intellectual, artistic and developmental experiences for all children.

    • Nurturing Environment

      We believe all children deserve love, attention, nurturing and guidance that fosters growth and enthusiasm for lifelong learning.

    • Hands-On Learning

      Children learn best through hands-on experiences. We provide a full range of activities such as art, cooking, field trips, science experiments and yoga.

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  • Our Programs

    We offer an interrelated curriculum focused on Practical Life, Language, Sensorial, Mathematics, Geography and Science.
  • Little Blossom Montessori offers five programs for infants, toddlers, preschoolers and kindergartners.

  • Our robust and challenging curriculum helps children develop independence, concentration, a sense of order and self-discipline in a nurturing, supportive atmosphere based on individually-focused education and social development.

    • Infants
      • 6 weeks to 15
        Month olds
      • 1 to 4
    • Young Toddlers
      • 15-24
        Month olds
      • 1 to 5
    • Toddlers
      • 2-3
        Year olds
      • 1 to 8
    • Pre Primary
      • 3-6
        Year olds
      • 1 to 10
    • Kindergarten
      • 5 to 6
      • 1 to 10
    • Summer Camp
      • Preschool to 10 Years
      • Varies
  • We have been educating children for over 20 years. Our goal is to create a positive place that engages each child.

    Our school is guided by child-led development that allows children to grow at their own unique pace. Our program includes: 

    • Montessori certified faculty 
    • Individually-focused personalized education
    • Educational field trips 
    • Beautiful campus with three playgrounds
    • Challenging curriculum
    • Rich learning environment 
    • Learning & Fun

      Inspiring curiosity through exploration and discovery.

    • Healthy Meals

      Freshly-made, organic lunches and nutritious snacks.

    • Outdoor Fun

      Three fenced-in playgrounds, nature walks and garden.

    • Safety & Wellness

      Secure and clean to support a positive, healthy environment.

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  • Meet Our Staff

    Montessori certified educators and staff experienced in early childhood education
  • Our teachers and staff are Montessori certified and trained with extensive experience in early childhood care.

  • Little Blossom Montessori teachers follow the Montessori Method developed by Dr. Maria Montessori. It’s a child-centered educational approach that values the human spirit and development of the “whole child” – physically, socially, emotionally and cognitively.

    • Siji George
      Founder & Head of School

      In 2008, I founded Little Blossom Montessori to develop a reputed school in the Chicago suburbs to serve my community. I believe all children deserve love, attention, nurturing and guidance in a safe learning environment where they can explore and grow.

    • Merrillee Parkhurst

      I have been engaged in enriching the lives of children since my teenage years. With over three decades of expertise as a director of accredited childcare centers, I hold a deep admiration for children and their innate capabilities. My aspiration is to facilitate top-tier education by fostering a nurturing environment, empowering each child to learn and grow through their unique encounters and explorations.

    • Kathy Boss
      Pre Primary Lead Teacher

      As a lead teacher for our pre primary program, I have a degree in early childhood education and over 25 years experience. I’m passionate about the Montessori philosophy and received my Montessori Early Childhood Certification from AMS.

    • Vijaya Sigiri
      Pre-Primary Lead Teacher

      I am extremely passionate about teaching and have both traditional elementary school teacher training as well as a master’s in political science. I pursued my Montessori early childhood education from AMS in 2010 and have been working in Montessori environment for over 10 years. I love working with children and enjoy watching them grow and progress.

    • Anita Kumari
      Lead Toddler Teacher

      I am an enthusiastic and compassionate educator specialising in toddler teaching, With a bachelor’s degree in education and qualifications as a Paraprofessional in Montessori I possess a strong foundation in fostering the growth and well-being of young minds.

    • Annie Jeevanantham
      Infant/Toddler Teacher

      Having worked in an Infant/Toddler Montessori environment for over 20 years, I have dedicated my soul and passion to young children. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching them grow into beautiful individuals. I am excited to continue my journey with these little hearts!

    • Anjani Chintalapudi
      Infant/Toddler Teacher

      I have been in the Early Childhood Education Field since 2019.  I love the little smiles and how we can impact the little ones. I take great pleasure in working with children during their formative years of learning and fostering a welcoming atmosphere for them.  Witnessing each child’s individual growth is incredibly fulfilling and kindles passion for my teaching.

    • Merlin Thomas
      Young Toddler Teacher

      With a dual background in pharmacy and early childhood education, I have been dedicatedly serving Little Blossom since 2017. My greatest joy lies in infusing positivity, exploration, and learning into the lives of the children under my care, fostering a nurturing and enjoyable environment.

    • Durdona Turdieva
      Toddler Teacher

      As an educator with a CDA in early childhood education, I possess a deep understanding of nurturing young minds. My passion for working with children fuels my ability to connect with diverse age groups.

    • Shweta Shinde
      Pre Primary Teacher

      Passionate teacher dedicated to fostering a love for learning in young minds. Enthusiastic about creating a nurturing and stimulating environment where children can explore and develop their unique talents.

    • OnDreia Epstein
      Pre Primary Lead Teacher

      I have been teaching Montessori for over 30 years and I am AMS certified. I believe in the Montessori Method and what it offers the children. It makes them independent thinkers and provides them with skills that will last a lifetime. I am proud to be a Montessori teacher and of my accomplishments.

    • Laxmi Mannem
      Lead Toddler Teacher

      With my ECE education from Wabounsie College, I possess the necessary knowledge to nurture toddlers. Recognizing that toddler development is crucial for every individual, I take pride in assisting children to cultivate their independence and embrace their unique identities.

    • Umida Sadullaeva
      Toddler Teacher

      I am a highly dedicated and passionate individual who thrives on working with toddlers. With extensive experience in the toddler age group, I have developed a deep understanding of their needs and requirements. My commitment to fostering their growth and development is a cornerstone of my work.

    • We and our children love Little Blossom! The staff are very caring and we’re very impressed with how our little ones have grown academically. Our kindergartener just graduated and we feel she’s extremely prepared to enter 1st grade.

      David Langenberg
    • Little Blossom is an amazing atmosphere for our children to learn. The staff, teachers and director have all been very helpful with guiding our child’s academic successes. It’s a place where a child has many opportunities to grow socially, emotionally and academically.

      Melissa Bergbauer
    • Little Blossom has a very good balance for a child’s growth with all the Montessori philosophy and individual attention for the child’s needs as every child is special and they learn and grow at their own pace. I highly recommend this school.

      Krishna Nimmagadda
    • Our daughter loves Little Blossom Montessori. She is thriving in their learning environment and her teachers provide excellent guidance and loving care. The program is very well rounded.

      Nathan Reynolds
    • My son absolutely loves going to Little Blossom for preschool. We’ve noticed a huge boost in his level of independence and social skills since he started attending 3 months ago. The staff is very kind and great communicating with parents.

      Alysse Meiners
    • My son has just started his second year at Little Blossom Montessori. I couldn’t be happier with the education he’s receiving and all of the staff are experts in Montessori. The growth I’ve seen is beyond anything I could have hoped for!

      Shaina Shaver
    • Since joining Little Blossom my daughter has developed in so many ways. She is more confident and balanced and looks forward to school everyday.

      Archana Shrigadi
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